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Thank you for your interest in studying the Bible with Dare to Care Bible School.  We look forward to sharing lots of Bible insights with you and trust that Jesus will become your lifelong Friend and Saviour.


On this page, you can sign up for your Bible study lessons in English or Afrikaans via email using the enrolment form below. You can also learn more about us and how the process works. 


Why email?

Traditionally, Dare to Care Bible school operated only as a correspondence Bible school sending printed lessons to students via the South African Post Office. This model worked well for a long time and we still have a large number of students making use of the old-fashioned mail service. In recent years, delays in the delivery of mail and other factors such as the COVID pandemic forced us to seek alternative methods of reaching our students. The idea to offer our lessons via email presented itself, and we set to work reformatting our lessons to realize this goal.  We tried our best to maintain personal contact with our students by developing our email lessons so that they can still be marked by hand. Students can still communicate with us directly in their lessons. A dedicated space was created for students’ questions on a particular question or verse.  The use of a physical Bible is still strongly encouraged and students should now be able to complete their courses much faster. We can still issue a physical certificate to a student upon completion of a course or simply email a digital copy that can be printed.

How does it work?

Our lessons are specially formatted Microsoft Word documents. Students will be able to complete their lessons directly on their computers without the need to print anything. We will send you three lessons at a time. Upon completion, they can be sent back to us via email for marking. We will then mark your lessons and send them back to you along with the next three lessons. This way, we maintain constant contact with our students and can more accurately gauge their progress and grasp of the material. We recommend the use of Microsoft Word 2010 or later in order to ensure compatibility.  At this point in time, we encourage our students to make use of a computer or laptop where possible to complete their lessons. The vast array of mobile devices and apps on the market makes it more difficult for us to develop a standard procedure for completing the lessons. Tech-savvy students, however, should have no problems completing their lessons on a mobile device.


Thank you

for your interest in doing these lessons!

Getting to know God and serving Him is the highest achievement in life
Please do these lessons faithfully


Note: Your information will not be shared with any 3rd party. You will not receive any advertising and any communication from Dare to Care will be directly related to your course. 

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